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WomenWorks - two young woman working together

Join the community and empower others and help close the gender gap that is still prevalent in Indonesia’s workforce today. If you are a professional or entrepreneur passionate to share your experience and expertise, we would love to connect you with fellow women from varying generations and stages in their career lives who needs your help.

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“Having had mentors to help carve out our career paths with their invaluable insights and practical advice that came from a lived real-life experience on the field has been a great encouragement, if not life changing to say the least.

What may seem like a no brainer to us now might have been a complete mystery just a few years ago. Even in the age of advanced technology where unlimited sources of information is always one click away, we believe nothing quite beats the impact of a face-to-face intentional conversation with inspiring prominent figures who are committed to see us grow and succeed.“ — WomenWorks Team

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>90% of mentees are
significantly disappointed if they are not able to continue using WomenWorks service. Don’t worry, we won’t stop! 😘
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