Have you ever wondered how you can reach your peak potential, get advice and connections beyond your current network, be financially independent, or simply where to go after you graduate? Join WomenWorks network and mentorship programs to grow both professionally and personally.
WomenWorks App - Coming Soon
Rp 250K for 10 classes!
WomenWorks App - Coming Soon
Join our “Career Planning Kit”, a 10-session Masterclass and Bond Session with exclusive mentors! Limited to app users only!
Live Activities, Challenges and Feedback with the Experts
E-Certificates (* minimum 5 classes attended)
A chance to get 1:1 mentorship for Most Active Student
Opportunity to get exclusive job opportunities from WomenWorks network
+150 LadyBosses onboarded and ready to grow with you... and counting!
WomenWorks - He For She
Join as a mentor and expand your impact
WomenWorks - He For She
Connect with Indonesian women from varying generations and stages in their career lives who needs your help
Share your experience and expertise to inspire others and capitalize your knowledge
Network with other mentors and top-notch women leaders in your impact journey
WomenWorks - hygge, cozy, and comfortable
What the community is saying about WomenWorks:
>93% of mentees
promotes WomenWorks to their friends
100% of mentees
said their mentors’ advice were actionable
>90% of mentees are
significantly disappointed if they are not able to continue using WomenWorks service. Don’t worry, we won’t stop! 😘
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