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1. What is mentorship?
Mentorship is a relationship where a person with experience and expertise (a ‘mentor’) passes their knowledge down to a more junior or less experienced person (a ‘mentee’). Mentorship is a two-way process: the mentee comes with a set of goals they want to consult in the session, and the mentor brings her knowledge and insights to help the mentee achieve them.
2. What can you do with our mentorship?
Consult your career plans, business idea, or any self-development plans; Gather insights on your dream company, job, or industry
Get tips and tricks based on insider perspectives
Get practical advice to help you solve your challenges
Know what steps or resources you need to achieve your goals
Connect with women professionals who understand your problem
Find inspiration from our high-achieving mentors
and more!
3. How will a mentorship help me with my problems? What output should I expect?
Mentorship allows you to get practical advice, insights, and perspectives from fellow women professionals who have gone through similar situations. Therefore, you can get a more realistic knowledge compared to what you get from reading books, doing online classes, etc.

The output expected from the sessions can vary from mentee to mentee. Some got insights on how to begin their first step, others got introduced to resources or people who can help them, etc. Therefore, mentees are highly encouraged to settle on their personal goals first before committing to a mentorship.
4. Why WomenWorks?
We connect you with a diverse lineup of mentors: from C-level professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs, life coaches, financial analysts, marketing experts, communication specialists, public policy analysts, lawyers, architects, journalists, counselors, and so on. Each of them has over 5 years of work experience in reputable companies, which gives them knowledge like no other in their respective industries and roles.

Our programs are risk-free. If any of our mentees are not satisfied with their mentorship experience with us, we are able to provide refunds on a case by case basis.
WomenWorks Service:
1:1 Mentorship
Our 1:1 mentorship connects one mentee and one mentor each to allow a learning experience tailored to their specific needs. From the mentor choice, number of sessions, to the curriculum and content, build a unique 1:1 mentorship experience based on your personal plans!
1. Who is this best for?
mentees who seek greater flexibility and personalization
mentees who want to connect individually with their dream mentor
anyone who wants to get a first taste of our mentorship program!
2. How does it work?
Sign up, complete payment, and submit your video profile
We assess your video profile and registration info to pick the most suitable mentor for your inquiries
We connect you with the mentor - get to know each other and decide on a schedule
On the D-day, you have the opportunity to consult with your mentor regarding your problems; ask questions and learn from their experience
3. What do we discuss in mentorships? Is there a set curriculum?
For 1:1 mentorships, the curriculum depends on your specific needs for the particular session. In case you’re still indecisive, we also have Themed Mentorship Packages where we set the goals for you!
4. Can we choose our mentors, or will WomenWorks pick one for us?
Both are applicable. You can list your mentor preferences or request in our sign up form. If you do not list any preferences or leave the choice to our team, we will find the best match based on the inquiries given in the video.
5. If we book multiple 1:1 sessions, are we allowed to change our mentors midway?
Yes, you can. Our 1:1 mentorship allows you to either proceed with the same mentor for all sessions, or to choose different mentors based on your needs. However, we also want to help our mentors maximize their impact, so we recommend sticking with the same mentor as much as possible.
6. When will my mentoring sessions be conducted?
This depends on your mentor’s availability. Please arrange directly with your mentor.
7. Why do I need to send a video? Can I send my CV/written profile/etc. instead?
Your video profile will be our main reference in finding a mentor match. We will only proceed to the matching process once we have received your video profile. Our mentors also watch your video to get a glimpse of who you are and how to guide you, so please help them help you! :)
8. What happens if I cannot commit immediately to a mentorship after I have paid and sent my video? Am I allowed to reserve my sessions?
We ask that mentees respect the mentor’s time and commitment to the mentorship. While mentorship bookings do not expire, no-shows and mentees getting MIA makes a negative experience for our mentors. Hence, please always let us know whenever you have any difficulties committing to a mentorship at any time.

Our mentor allocations are ‘first come, first served’. Therefore, it is advised not to wait too long between your application and actually doing your mentorship, so you can get your desired mentor before they are allocated to another mentee :)
WomenWorks Service:
Our Masterclass is an interactive workshop on specific topics, guided by our mentors.
1. Who is this best for?
mentees who would like to know our mentors better before committing to a mentorship
mentees who want a shorter, yet equally sweet learning experience from experts
2. How does it work?
Check which Masterclass is coming soon on our Instagram!
Sign up for your desired Masterclass at
Complete payment
Receive confirmation email with schedule details
If applicable, complete the pre-session assignment and submit before the session
Enjoy the Masterclass!
WomenWorks Service:
Pre-Mentorship Consultation
We offer free 15-minute consultation sessions to help prospective mentees know more about our services and find the most suitable program for their needs.
1. Who is this best for?
Anyone who would like to know more about mentorship and its benefits
Prospective mentees who need help in choosing programs, planning their sessions, or picking the most suitable mentor
*Please note that Pre-Mentorship Consultation can only be used to answer questions related to mentorship itself or about our services. If you wish to get suggestions on how to solve your problems, we advise that you proceed directly to mentorship registration.
2. How does it work?
Sign up for a 15-minute consultation at
Receive an email confirming our team member you will consult to (tip: check in Spam!)
Depending on your agreement, confirm a date for your conference call or contact our team member on WhatsApp
Ask whatever questions you have about WomenWorks!
Once you’re finished, do take the time to think about what program would be most suitable, or whether a mentorship is the best solution for you. No need to rush ;)
WomenWorks referral is a program for our mentees to be able to give discounts to their friends on their first mentorship. The mentees will also get the same amount of discount on their next mentorship session for every referral code used.
1. How does it work?
Mentees who have finished their first mentorship session will get an email from us with a unique referral code and Instagram Story templates. Mentees can then share their referral code (preferably to share in their Instagram story). The received referral code can then be used in this form.

For every referral code used in an application, both referrers and referees will get up to 20% discount on their next mentorship session.
2. How do I refer a friend?
If you have at least finished your first mentorship session, you can refer a friend in our Mentee Experience Feedback Form by providing their name and email address. We will then send an email to the friends you have referred. Alternatively, you can also share your unique referral code to your friends and peers directly.
3. How is the discount applied on the mentorship prices?
If you book multiple sessions, your first session will get 20% off, and your second session will get 15% off. Third session and above will be in full price.
4. Can I use more than 1 referral code in my application?
Unfortunately, no. You can only use 1 referral code in 1 mentorship application.
5. Can I get cumulative discount if I can refer more than 1 friend?
Unfortunately, no. Since the referral code is assigned per user, you will get the same amount of discount even if you refer multiple friends. However, your discount can immediately be applied to your next booking!
6. Which program can I use the referral discount on?
You can use the referral discount for 1:1 mentorship program.
7. I have one referral and I see there's an ongoing promo for mentorship. Can I use both discounts?
Unfortunately, no. You can only use one promo code at a time.
8. Will referees also get the referral discount?
Yes! The discount will apply for both referral and referee.
9. How to use my referral discount on my next session?
You will get an email from us once your referral code is used on an application. The discount will be automatically applied on your next session(s), based on the number of referees you have referred.
10. Is there any expiry date for the referral discount?
No, you can use your referral discount at any time.
11. What are the Terms and Conditions?
Referral code will be given only for mentees who have completed at least one mentorship.
Referral code will be given only through WomenWorks official email.
Referral code will give a 20% discount for the first session and 15% discount for the second session. If you book three or more sessions, the next sessions after the second one will still be in full price.
Referral discount is applicable for both referral and referee.
Referral code will be automatically used in mentees’ next session.
Referral discount cannot be combined with other promotions. If promotion is used in the next session, then the referral discount will be applied for the later session.
Referral discount must be used within 6 months after the referee's mentorship. Unused referral discount after 6 months will be expired.
Referral discount is 20% if used for first mentorship application, and 15% if used for second mentorship application.
Referral discount cannot be monetized.
Referral discount cannot be transferred.
WomenWorks has the full rights to change the terms and conditions without prior notifications and WomenWorks has the rights to cancel, postpone, or modify the terms and conditions for any force majeure.
By following the referral program, mentees and applicants have understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.
About WomenWorks
1. Can I be a mentor in WomenWorks?
Yes, of course! You can apply as a mentor by filling out this form. Our team will review your profile and update you with the next steps.
2. What perks and responsibilities do I have as a WomenWorks mentor?
You are expected to commit a minimum of 2 hours/month for a mentorship. We may also ask your help for our programs and events, e.g. Masterclass, IG live sessions, webinars, etc. In addition, we will also ask you for social media content from time to time.

As for the perks, our mentor network allows you to meet fellow bad-ass women in their respective fields! Get the rare opportunity of connecting with women professionals to chat, learn, collaborate, or help out each other. Who knows, you may find your future co-founder, colleague, coach, investor, advisor, or best friend from your fellow mentors :)
3. Is WomenWorks open for interns and volunteers?
We are always welcome for new team members! Should you be interested, please send your CV and cover letter to All applications will be assessed by our leadership team. Acceptance and placement will be subject to the team’s needs.

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