WomenWorks - masterclass batch.02
WomenWorks - masterclass batch.02
Masterclass Bootcamp #03
Career Planning Kit
WomenWorks - masterclass batch.02
3 Class Pass
Career Planning Kit

Got busy schedule? Pick any 3 classes you don't want to miss out!

IDR 150K for 3 Sessions
(@IDR 50k/session)

1 Class Pass
Career Planning Kit

LIMITED OFFER! Wanna get a taste of our MasterClass? Join the one class you don't want to miss!

IDR 70k for 1 Session
(@IDR 70k/session)

What will you get out of our masterclasses?
Live Activities
Each of our masterclasses will emphasize on classroom involvement, where mentees will be able to get a live demo or even participate in the workshop’s activities.
Learning Circle
Participants can choose to connect, share and learn from their fellow classmates. Maybe you will meet your future business partners.
They say learning is a lifetime journey. We want you to leave with applicable tools that you can use to continue learning and expand your growth!
Career Planning Kit
10 Week virtual sessions with Class-A Ladybosses to help you plan out your career. Exclusive price: IDR 250K for 10 Sessions!

Who should join this masterclass:
Fresh graduate who are trying to plan out their career
Early Professionals (0-3 years of professional experience) who want to shift and re-plan their career
Whoever wants to reassess their career plans
Exclusive price: IDR 250K* for 10 Sessions
Price per person (+60% OFF from regular price)
August 28th to October 30th 2021
Every Saturday at 10.00-11.30 AM - via Zoom (provided by WomenWorks)
What you will learn:
Discovering Your Purpose
Focusing on Your Strength & Weakness
How to Stand Out from the Rest
Job Industries 101
Switching Lane
Show Them What You've Got
Don't Just Sign It
I Got a Job Offer! Is it a Good One?
Setting the Right Mindset
Staying Sane at Work
WomenWorks - hygge, cozy, and comfortable
What the community is saying about WomenWorks:
>93% of mentees
promotes WomenWorks to their friends
100% of mentees
said their mentors’ advice were actionable
>90% of mentees are
significantly disappointed if they are not able to continue using WomenWorks service. Don’t worry, we won’t stop! 😘
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