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Founded in 2019, WomenWorks is the place for women to connect, empower, and reach their fullest potential. Our mission is to build meaningful connections for women to achieve their career-oriented and personal development goals.
WomenWorks Team - Fransiska P.W. Hadiwidjana
Fransiska P.W. Hadiwidjana

Co-Founder & CTO @WomenWorks / Stanford MBA 2023

WomenWorks Team - Nadhira Audrelya
Nadhira Audrelya

Chief of Staff @WomenWorks

WomenWorks Team - Athira Fajrina
Athira Fajrina

Engineering Manager @WomenWorks

WomenWorks Team - Stacy Yulianto
Stacy Yulianto

Acquisition & Partnership Director @WomenWorks / Communications Specialist

WomenWorks Team - Fransiska Andita
Fransiska Andita

Mentee Ops and Relations @WomenWorks

WomenWorks Team - Shalika Hanum
Shalika Hanum

Chief Design Officer @WomenWorks/Senior UX Designer, Star.Global

WomenWorks Team - Natasha Efendy
Natasha Efendy

Software Engineer @WomenWorks / Software Engineer, Bukalapak

WomenWorks Team - Wimala Puspa
Wimala Puspa

Product Director @WomenWorks / Senior Product Manager, Bukalapak

WomenWorks Team - Seli Ballo
Seli Ballo

Product Manager @WomenWorks / Associate Product Manager, Traveloka

WomenWorks Team - Nurazalycha Ismansyah
Nurazalycha Ismansyah

Digital Marketing @WomenWorks / Social Media Intern, Tokopedia

WomenWorks Team - Lydia Natasha Hadiwinata
Lydia Natasha Hadiwinata

Content Strategist @WomenWorks / Senior Content Writer, Neo Buzz

WomenWorks Team - Maulida Aykiza
Maulida Aykiza

Data Lead @WomenWorks / Data Scientist, Bukalapak

WomenWorks Team - Shufi Syahida Kanza
Shufi Syahida Kanza

Software Engineer @WomenWorks / Software Engineer (Web), Traveloka

WomenWorks Team - Stefanny Widjaja
Stefanny Widjaja

Mentee Experience & Strategy @WomenWorks

WomenWorks Team - Galih Pratama
Galih Pratama

Graphic Designer @WomenWorks / Graphic Designer, Kemenkumham

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