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Founded in 2019, WomenWorks is the place for women to connect, empower, and reach their fullest potential. Our mission is to build meaningful connections for women to achieve their career-oriented and personal development goals.
WomenWorks Team - Fransiska P.W. Hadiwidjana
Fransiska P.W. Hadiwidjana

Co-Founder & CTO @WomenWorks / Head of Engineering, Mamikos

WomenWorks Team - Wina Wilanisa Wirsatyo
Wina Wilanisa Wirsatyo

Mentor Strategy and Relations Director @WomenWorks / Comm. and Branding Expert

WomenWorks Team - Stacy Yulianto
Stacy Yulianto

Acquisition & Partnership Director @WomenWorks / Communications Specialist

WomenWorks Team - Fransiska Andita
Fransiska Andita

Mentee Ops and Relations @WomenWorks

WomenWorks Team - Shalika Hanum
Shalika Hanum

Chief Design Officer @WomenWorks/Lead Designer, Fincite GmbH Frankfurt

WomenWorks Team - Nadhira Audrelya
Nadhira Audrelya

Mentor Experience & Ops @WomenWorks / Senior Project Officer, YLI Foundation

WomenWorks Team - Oci Ambrosia
Oci Ambrosia

Marketing and Brand Director @WomenWorks / Head of Marketing, Kata.ai

WomenWorks Team - Natasha Efendy
Natasha Efendy

Software Engineer @WomenWorks / Software Engineer, Bukalapak

WomenWorks Team - Alanna Deborah
Alanna Deborah

Mentee Experience & Strategy @WomenWorks / BD Associate, ProSpark

WomenWorks Team - Gizela Cindy
Gizela Cindy

Content Strategist @WomenWorks / Video Producer, Bukalapak

WomenWorks Team - Wimala Puspa
Wimala Puspa

Product Director @WomenWorks / Senior Product Manager, Bukalapak

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Mentorship and access to WomenWorks LadyBosses network could benefit women in different stages of professional career.

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If you believe in a vision to empower the world through women and would like to collaborate with us, we'd love to hear from you.

Themed mentorship, peer groups, and our new offers
WomenWorks Growth Circle Mentor -Clairine Runtung
Clairine Runtung

Incoming Consultant at Bain and Company, MBA at Yale University
Passionate about women and youth empowerment, Clairine’s professional experience spans in the intersection between technology, social impact and private sectors.

Growth Circle
Landing your Dream Master Program
Creating a gameplan to prepare your application
Preparing a compelling essay
Practice your admission interview
Group mentoring size:5-10 women
Duration:1 hour per session(s) within 2 months (available 1 up to 4 sessions)
Price:IDR 150,000 - 1,000,000 per person*
*Depending on the chosen package, discount available
WomenWorks Video Thumbnail - Clairine Runtung
Clairine’s Introduction
Communities and teams I could introduce you to:

  • Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa
  • Select VCs and management consulting firms
  • Yale Univ. Alumni Indonesia

1-on-1 mentorship opportunity:

Clairine is available for mentorship for kickstarters, mid-level professionals looking to obtain Master degrees and professionals interested in tech/social enterprise.

Books I would recommend

- Min Jin Lee
Communion: The Female Search for Love
- Bell Hooks

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promotes WomenWorks to their friends
100% of mentees
said their mentors’ advice were actionable
>90% of mentees are
significantly disappointed if they are not able to continue using WomenWorks service. Don’t worry, we won’t stop! 😘
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