We offer women-first growth programs for professionals
Learning & Development
WomenWorks offer women-first growth programs tailored for professionals at your company across a complete talent’s life-cycle.
Employer Branding
WomenWorks supports companies in building their corporate reputation through online professional networks and social media, focusing on diversity and inclusion.
Recruiting (Coming Soon)
WomenWorks is a women-first community-based recruitment system for middle management and above, creating accessibility in the hidden job market with curated quality talents.
Learning & Development
WomenWorks - good leaders attract good talent

Companies are severely missing out by not cultivating women employees to be leaders. We are here to support your HR team to help the company outperform through equal gender efforts.

1:1 consultations and small group consultations (for both men and women) with experienced professionals from various industries.
Virtual interactive master classes with a group of min. 50 participants with topics targeted to help your employees reach their top potential.
Executive 1:1 self-development coaching ran by certified ICTs.
Systematical matching between mentors and mentees will be provided by us.
WomenWorks - good leaders attract good talent
Employer Branding
WomenWorks - masterclass batch.02

96% of companies believe employer brand and reputation can positively or negatively impact revenue, yet less than half (44%) monitor that impact. WomenWorks supports companies in increasing awareness, through company branding and social media.

We aim to help talents get exposed to the right roles and companies, also increasing the % of a good match and retention at companies.
Providing opportunities for strong brand recognition in the D&I space.
Increasing exposure for women leaders in the company to become company advocates and widely known in their industries and skill sets.
Support in reaching company KPI for brand recognition.
Recruiting (Coming Soon)

WomenWorks commits to empowering the Indonesian workforce to reach their full career potential - by making the hidden and hot jobs accessible to our highly curated pool of women leaders and talents.

We're a community-based talent market-place, with a mission to increase the number of women leaders across industries.
Take part in our talent pool by joining us as mentors and expand your professional network.
Our professional talents are ready to be hired talents as the next Head, VP, C-Level, or even Co-founders, and we can help get you connected soon.
Join us as a hiring company and get exclusive access to our A-List talent pool that are the next generation of leaders in Indonesia.
Why work with us
Curated star mentors
Our mentors have an average of 6+ years of experience in unicorn start-ups and multinational corporates accross 20 industries.
Fast-growing network
We have a total of 1500+ mentees already kick starting their growth journey with us and 3000+ sessions of mentorship booked. Our masterclasses were attended by 1000+ ambitious talents.
Strong engagement
We have worked with 40+ brands, companies, and communities.
Our network of mentors, mentees and team members come from Indonesia’s leading organizations
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WomenWorks - He For She
WomenWorks - He For She
Our experienced Founders
Windy and Fransiska are both leading women entrepreneurs in the tech scene in Indonesia. Both passionate about growing women talents, Windy and Fransiska started WomenWorks in March 2020 when they both still held full time roles as the CPO of AwanTunai and the Head of Engineering of MamiKos, respectively.
Meet our mentees who have grown in their careers through WomenWorks
WomenWorks - Company Logo
“I am thrilled with the mentor choice WomenWorks gave me since my mentor was an established person in the product space. After doing a session, my manager clearly noted my growth and even asked how I was able to handle stress much better.”
Associate Product Manager, Traveloka
WomenWorks - Company Logo
“I felt I was a victim at my work, since I was often passed for promotion. I talked with my mentor, and using her tips, talked candidly with my superior. Now, I’m currently given the chance to step-up and lead a team. I’m looking very much to the promotion!”
Associate Product Manager, NinjaVan
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