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Here’s how it works:
Start your mentorship in 4 steps.
2. Send us a 60-second self-recorded video about yourself.
Reply our email with a link to your 60-second self-recorded video* where you describe the following details so we can match you with the perfect mentor:
a. Brief background about yourself
b. The challenges you’re currently facing that you wish your mentor can help you
c. Your expectations of the mentorship program
*PS: please feel free to do it in Bahasa Indonesia. You can keep it as simple as possible – just make sure we can hear you clearly. Here are the video examples:
WomenWorks Mentee Video Example (English)
English Example
WomenWorks Mentee Video Example (Bahasa)
Bahasa Example
3. Complete the registration fee.
Complete the commitment fee through the payment link button provided in the email.
4. Get contacted by WomenWorks Team for you mentorship appointments.
We will reply to your emails in more detail regarding the next steps latest within 2 - 3 days after we’ve received your confirmation email.
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