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Our Signature Mentorships
1:1 Mentorship
Our mentors have an average of 6+ years of experience in unicorn start-ups and multinational corporates accross 20 industries.
1:1 Themed Mentorship
We have a total of 320+ mentees mentored and 550+ sessions of mentorship booked. Our public Masterclasses were attended by 100+ ambitious talents.
Closed-Group Mentorship
We have worked with 40+ brands, companies, and communities.
Here’s how it works:
Start your mentorship in 4 steps.
2. Send us a 60-second self-recorded video about yourself.
Reply our email with a link to your 60-second self-recorded video* where you describe the following details so we can match you with the perfect mentor:
a. Brief background about yourself
b. The challenges you’re currently facing that you wish your mentor can help you
c. Your expectations of the mentorship program
*PS: please feel free to do it in Bahasa Indonesia. You can keep it as simple as possible – just make sure we can hear you clearly. Here are the video examples:
WomenWorks Mentee Video Example (English)
English Example
WomenWorks Mentee Video Example (Bahasa)
Bahasa Example
3. Complete the registration fee.
Complete the commitment fee through the payment link button provided in the email.
4. Get contacted by WomenWorks Team for you mentorship appointments.
We will reply to your emails in more detail regarding the next steps latest within 2 - 3 days after we’ve received your confirmation email.
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Choose your 1:1 mentorship topics from our best-selling packages!
We’ve gathered the very best results from our mentorships and come up with the ideal Mentorship Kits (or palettes, as beauty lovers call it), to guide you in your growth journey!Get the full information here (PDF)
What is Themed Mentorship?
A solution for people who want to try out mentorships but are still confused on what to talk about. Learn from the most successful mentorships we’ve had so far and find the best themed mentorship that suits your goal. Next thing you know - you’re growing!
WomenWorks - comebacks and proffessionals
WomenWorks - comebacks and proffessionals
How does it work?
Book minimum 2 sessions based on the chosen theme
We’ll match you with your best matched mentor!
Set your mentorship schedule
Fill in your progress report to keep track of your goal!
Kickstarter Packages
Deepdive on Resume Review and Technical Job Search Strategy

Define your job search strategy and prepare your job application documents.

Get the full info (PDF)
Ding Analysis & Mock Interview

Get an expert's view on how to improve your application to your dream job/school!

Get the full info (PDF)

Career Changers / Advancers Packages
Being Financially Independent

Master the financial management and unleash your true potential as a financially independent woman.

Get the full info (PDF)
“Becoming” a Leader

Prepare yourself for a leadership role and be the kind of leader that your company loves.

Get the full info (PDF)
Switching to a New Industry / Acquiring a New Skill

Thinking of switching career or changing industry? Nothing is impossible! Learn and prepare for the upcoming change.

Get the full info (PDF)
Advancing in Your Professional Journey

Ready to excel in your career? These steps will get you closer to your promotion.

Get the full info (PDF)
Advancing in your Product Manager Journey

One of the sexiest roles in the Tech Industry. Advance in product management by joining this mentorship.

Get the full info (PDF)
Masters Degree Preparation

Preparing your master degree abroad? Know all the tips and tricks from notable alumni and be more confident to apply!

Get the full info (PDF)
Becoming a Software Engineer

Get all the know-how to become a software engineer and prepare yourself for your tech career!

Get the full info (PDF)
Ding Analysis & Mock Interview

Get an expert's view on how to improve your application to your dream job/school!

Get the full info (PDF)

Founders Packages
Launching Your Product From Scratch

Have business ideas but don’t know how to make it happen? Learn how to kick-off your business from 0 to 1.

Get the full info (PDF)
Delivering a High-Performing Organization

A strong business is supported by a strong team. Advance and run together with your high-performing organization.

Get the full info (PDF)
Building Your Start-up Leadership Team

Get the best brains for your leadership team by covering the hustler, the hacker and the hipster and be invincible!

Get the full info (PDF)
Fundraising 101

Get your pitch strong and make your business irresistible for investors following the tips and tricks from the expert!

Get the full info (PDF)

Comebacks Packages
Getting Back to Work

Wanting to rebuild your career after a long break? Learn from other amazing ladies who came back to work even stronger.

Get the full info (PDF)
Balancing your Work-life as a Mom

Hands-on mother and career woman at the same time? Learn the work-life balance 101 from our awesome mentors/moms.

Get the full info (PDF)
Progressing Your Career as Working Mother

Want to excel in your career as a working mom? Get all the tips and tricks you need through this themed mentorship.

Get the full info (PDF)
Ding Analysis & Mock Interview

Get an expert's view on how to improve your application to your dream job/school!

Get the full info (PDF)

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